/!\ I2P Android is currently alpha software! /!\

Do not rely on it for strong anonymity! But please test it - your feedback will help me make it better.

There are parts of the interface that don't work yet (e.g. the + button in Addressbook).

Test it!

Latest dev build: 0.9.10-3_b4-API8 SHA1 sum: 56f8810ac3b195d9620c2b71732273aee67c0933

I2P Android anon download inside I2P

I2P Android non-anon download through inproxy

Previous dev builds:

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Posted terribly early Monday morning, January 27th, 2014
Posted late Sunday evening, November 17th, 2013
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Todo list

  • Base work
    • Read up on Android Services
      • Investigate how to better handle starting/stopping a local router
    • Implement a "router wrapper" that can represent a local or remote router
    • Implement client API so I2P Android can talk to a remote router
      • I2PControl
      • I2CP (already exists in local router code)
  • Homepage
    • Redesign to focus on starting and stopping the router
  • Router stats
    • Settings
      • Graph history length to log, to show
    • Improve reusable graph Fragment
      • Show time on bottom axis
      • Always show full history length to start, not just existing data
      • Pan/zoom?
      • Graph styling
    • Create reusable stats table Fragment
    • Create new Activity to show detailed stats
      • Grid-style layout?
      • User-customizable?
  • Addressbook
    • Create detail pane
      • Showing what? The same information as the details page in susidns?
    • Create edit pane
    • Decide on UI for domain selection
      • Direct tap should open detail pane unless the Activity was invoked to select a domain (e.g. from tunnel creation wizard)
      • How to open domain in browser?
        • From detail pane?
        • From icon or context menu on each list entry?
  • I2PTunnel
    • Expand/improve detail pane
    • Create edit pane
      • Enable loading of tunnel private keys from SD card
    • Implement backup/restore system for tunnel configs/keys
      • Password-protected .zip
  • Web browser
    • Use indirect Intents to open browser of user's choice from web links in I2P Android
    • Remove from I2P Android and create separate I2P Browser project
  • Help
    • Design help
      • Web-based?
    • Set up section-specific help
      • Router
      • Addressbook
      • I2PTunnel