What is Infinote?

Infinote is a protocol for collaborative editing, similar to what Etherpad uses. The reference implementation of the protocol is the libinfinity library, which allows desktop clients to collaboratively edit files.

Is it better than Etherpad?

Hopefully! Etherpad seemed to have issues on I2P - possibly related to the latency, possibly something Java-related, and there is also the issue of having to run JavaScript. By contrast, the current software implementation of Infinote is a client-server architecture with the Infinoted server and Gobby client being the "official" applications. The protocol itself supports a P2P network architecture but as yet there is no such implementation.

Okay, so how do I connect?

First, you will need an Infinote client. The Infinoted server I run works best with Gobby - you will need v0.4.94 in order to connect.

Next, set up an I2P client tunnel. This is done via the I2PTunnel configuration page in the router console. Under "I2P Client Tunnels" create a new client tunnel of type Standard, and configure it as follows:

  • Name: whatever you want.
  • Description: whatever you want.
  • Access Point: Port: some unused port e.g. 34567
  • Tunnel Destination: infinoted.str4d.i2p.xyz - click here to add it to your addressbook.
  • Auto start: probably yes.
  • Profile: interactive
  • Delay Connect: yes

And that's it! You can now connect your Infinote client to (or whatever local port you used) and start collaborating!

This server does not have TLS enabled - it's running through I2P after all! You will need to set your client to not use TLS - in Gobby 0.4.94 go to "Edit -> Preferences" and in the Security tab set "Secure Connection" to "Use TLS if possible".