I2P Android

See the I2P Android page.

Entries below this line are on-hold.

Subscription feeds

  • Compare security model against new SU3 spec
  • I2PPreferences
    • Fully stub out ScalaTest spec
    • Write unit tests for the spec
  • SignedPreferences
    • Determine a better method of obtaining a repeatable String representation of a subtree
    • Finish writing unit tests
    • Get all unit tests passing
  • Check/finish hiding of apps in categories
  • Add manual creation of categories
  • Finish the feeds design document
  • Implement feed handling in the routerconsole
    • Hook feeds into the new update mechanism
    • Enable feed updating via local XML file as well as regular update (Enables "bootstrapping" of official feed)
    • Set up /configfeeds
    • Store trusted SigningPublicKey(s?) for each feed
      • Auto-trust first key we see signing the feed?
  • Add feed support to
    • News
    • Update urls
    • Subscriptions
    • Plugin lists?
    • Reseed servers?
    • Seedless servers?


  • Update to latest I2P upstream
  • Add percentage bar to sidebar update notification
  • Proper separation of UI and backend (with topiltzin)

Unit tests

  • Learn how to write unit tests :-P


  • Add minimum length to usernames
  • Make Dent du Jour more interesting
  • Restore Dent du Jour
  • Fix @username linking when username contains @ or .
  • Finish OAuth API
  • Add Twitter-like API to support clients, or rework OAuth API


  • Finish ident plugin

Halp network


  • Write an Infinote client plugin for I2P
  • Extend the client plugin to support P2P (via Seedless?)